Transform the branch experience. Put the focus back on your customers with a more secure, accurate way to handle cash. The LTA-350 features an 8” user-friendly touch screen, the largest screen on the market, and a compact footprint that suits all branch designs.


How We Compare

The LTA-350 sets the industry standard for speed, but with greater capacity and a larger touch screen than the competition. More of the features you’re looking for are included in the LTA-350, including secure transfer of cassettes with tamper indicators. Serial number recognition is an advanced capability you won’t find on other cash recyclers.


Why Choose the LG CNS LTA-350

LG CNS is known for providing user-friendly technology solutions to increase efficiency, security and cost control in bank branches. Specifically, the LTA-350 offers flexible options for integration with existing teller applications, the largest screen on the market, self-auditing capabilities and easy on-screen troubleshooting to help tellers resolve any issues themselves. If you do need support, BranchServ, an LG CNS service and support partner, provides industry-leading service to financial institutions in the United States.


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